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What is Crovv?

CROVV makes it possible to combine all the successful possibilities that networking
has to offer. This is done through an online structured platform. CROVV is the
new way to be able to maintain your (international) contacts in a professional manner.









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  • It’s not what you know but who you know that makes the difference.
  • The currency of real networking is not greed but generosity.

Membership and price

To ensure and maintain a high quality of these network meetings, the final assessment will be done by a special CROVV team in collaboration with its chairman. A backround check is also done to all that want to join this network.

Why network

Networking. Why….Net-works!!

Networking is establishing and maintaining a contact. To be able to be successful in networking, your contacts need to be functional. Functional in the sense that you can use contacts to get information, advice and/or tips.

Networking is based on mutual respect with the main goal to share information, knowledge and contacts with each other.

Successful networking means that both parties must be conscious and aware of their own network. Ask yourself:

  • How did I meet this contact;
  • What added value can this bring to you/your company;
  • How can I build my network through this contact?
  • Only through this awareness are you able to make network an important component in your business.

    The best way to maintain your contacts in your network is by staying in touch. This is an essential part of effective networking

    Networking is an investment in both time and money. Primarily it is the aspect of time which is the biggest bottleneck for most entrepreneurs. CROVV makes this possible by giving you that added value of good networking. (Building, maintaining etc.) This will only enable you to maximize efficiency in your business and contacts.

    CROVV enables you to have network meetings online, through a private online video platform.

    So, overall successful networking entails following steps:

    • Be conscious and clear of what you want to achieve
    • Connect and maintain this contact
    • Try to expand your network through this contact
    • The Future: Online & Offline combined networks: Welcome to the Future..CROVV

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